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Colombian Supremo The highest grade of coffee from the world's most renowned coffee country. Full-bodied with bright overtones. $9.99/lb

  Costa Rican Tarrazu A beautifully balanced coffee, combining rich body and lively acidity. Very pleasing! $9.99/lb
Kenyan AA A highly distinctive coffee with a pronounced "winey" taste. Great on its own or in blends. $7.99/13 oz.   Costa Rican La Minita Perhaps the world's most meticulously cultivated coffee. Exquisite flavor, finely balanced body and acidity. $9.99/lb



Hazelnut Probably the nation's favorite flavored coffee, and with good reason. Heavenly aroma, smooth rich flavor. $9.99/lb   French Vanilla A classic flavor in the perfect setting. Mild, with a slight creaminess. $9.99/lb
Southern Pecan Like a sunny Carolina afternoon... the aroma and flavor of this coffee is something to relax with and savor. $7.99/13 oz.   Toasted Coconut Cream Close your eyes, breathe in and sip. Flavor and aroma just this side of paradise. $7.99/13 oz.
Irish Cream 7.99/13 oz.   Vanilla Nut 7.99/13 oz.
Chocolate Raspberry 7.99/13 oz.   Cinammon Hazlenut 7.99/13 oz.
Bobka 7.99/13 oz.    



House Blend A superb blend of Central and South American coffees gives this blend mild body and smooth, satisfying flavor. $7.99/13 oz.   Breakfast Blend A unique blend of Central and South American beans, with 25% French Roast for full flavor. $7.99/13 oz.
Night and Day Deep Rich European dark coffee roast married to the lively brightness of traditional American-style roast. The best of both worlds! $9.99/lb   French Roast A dark-roasted blend of Central and South American coffees. Full-bodied with good acidity. $7.99/13 oz.



Columbian Supremo $10.99/lb
Kenyan AA $9.99/13 oz.
Hazlenut $10.99/lb
House Blend $9.99/13 oz.
Breakfast Blend $9.99/13 oz.
Toasted Coconut $9.99/13 oz.
Irish Cream $9.99/13 oz.
Southern Pecan $9.99/13 oz.
Vanilla Nut $9.99/13 oz.
Chocolate Raspberry $9.99/13 oz.
Cinammon Hazlenut $9.99/13 oz.
Bobka $9.99/13 oz.
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